76ers – Sevyn Streeter

I was at the 76ers game Wednesday. A day of renewal. A day we were supposed to see the first pick of the 2016 draft but instead were treated to finally seeing Joel Embiid and Dario Saric. Two players drafted in 2014 who had not yet played for the Sixers.

I could tell you about that, and how happy I am that Embiid seems more than capable or that I walked by him Tuesday night around the Ben Franklin parkway and got extremely excited. I was there at the game and saw a Sixers dancer sing the national anthem. Immediately I thought that something happened, that there was some sort of #blacklivesmatter protest planned and things had gone in direction that wasn’t necessarily in their (perceived) best interest.

I would like to say that the woman who sang the national anthem did a lovely job. I hope they have Jemila as the backup at all times because she is more than capable and it’s somewhat unfortunate that the story isn’t about her.

So by now you may or may not know that Sevyn Streeter was not allowed to sing by the organization because she wore a “We Matter” jersey.

This comes not long after another BLM protest at a sixers game; albiet not a home game. It was a preseason game and nothing really of note happened so I cannot really blame the media for focusing on the protest and not the game. I know what the media focused on it because I was bombarded with it the next day.

So I cannot really blame the Sixers for not letting the story be about Joel Embiid, Dario Saric, a slightly healthy Okafor and a Sixers team that aims not to be basement dwellers; at least not on purpose. The BLM aspect would be part of the story or partly interrupt the story and who knows exactly what Ms. Streeter might have had planned besides the jersey. Either way it would definitely be covered and this NBA franchise thing is a business. If  I were running it I wouldn’t want the BLM story soaking up the internet while I’m trying to make the case that I’m a serious franchise again.

It’s an election year and I can’t watch TV without watching some sort of political bullshit ad against Trump or for Trump or against Katie McGinty or Pat Toomey or whatever the fuck. I really don’t need politics at a sports game I paid money to see ad-interrupted. Now if Embiid wanted to wear a BLM shirt or Oakafor wanted to kneel during the national anthem I support that for the most part. But to be asked to sing the national anthem and then make some sort of political statement; I’d rather hear a recording if it has to come to it, Whitney Houston preferably.

This isn’t about BLM or silencing people or sparking a debate. The debate is happening and if you’re unaware there’s social injustice in the United States you’ve probably been in a coma since the early 1400’s.  I’m not advocating for people to stop educating about the issues they believe to be important but I am saying that you may no longer be able to do that with a symbolic gesture; it’s been done to death.

So maybe they should have let her sing and I wouldn’t be writing this and it wouldn’t have sparked a debate of whether or not she should have been able to sing. One thing is obvious, the story is now about Sevyn Streeter and not BLM.

Somewhat lost in all this is the person who books the anthem singer and halftime show because things didn’t really go that well.

I’ll be the first one to tell you that I had never heard of Desiigner but I’m open to new things. I’m not really sure what this new thing was but there was a tattooed white chick dancing at the end of my row. It was energetic but they were clearly not actually performing the raps (maybe besides the yips and yaps). At least I got a t-shirt out of this, but it was a white t-shirt unfortunately which is objectively racist. Way to go Sixers 🙁

Shaq doesn’t do Preseason

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Mid-October I was at a Sixers preseason game against the Celtics. A couple of friends and I split season tickets and after a mixup at the will-call window we were awarded seats in the second row behind the basket, adjacent to the visiting teams bench.

Not that I particularly care but Shaq was suited up but wearing slippers. Basically he was not going into the game for any reason and not that I can blame an 18 year veteran for not playing in a preseason game but at least put some shoes on Shaq. Paul Pierce was in street clothes, if you’re not going into the game wear street clothes. But then I thought, “Shaq can probably do pretty much whatever he wants”. I’d say that’s a fair assessment, I wouldn’t want to be the guy who has to tell Shaq he can’t wear slippers to the game.

Also, the dude in the front row who was saying “Kazaam” every time the Sixers scored got real annoying. Dude we get the Shaq movie reference, Shaq I’m sure has heard this barb throw at him a number of times and it’s pretty unoriginal. If I had to guess that fan was from Jersey.

Check out the Footwear!

Lebron Plays the Race Card

55454513Bob McFlurry with Sports

So Lebron James has recently come out and stated that race played a role in the amount or severity of the backlash he received stemming from his decision to leave the Cleveland Cavilers and sign along with Chris Bosh to play in Miami with Dwyane Wade.  Yes there’s always going to be a racial component to a pretty much everything dealing with multimillion dollar athletes and their coverage in the media. The media handling of issues is then fed to the sheepish American public, most of whom don’t think for themselves or read between the lines.

With that being said, Lebron James wasn’t obligated to stay in Cleveland. This is America and if he chose he could have went anywhere that would have signed him to a contract. What Lebron should understand is that being the most over-hyped sports figure in modern sports and decision he makes is magnified to an exponential level. If Žydr?nas Ilgauskas had decided to leave Cleveland it doesn’t have the same effect as the most heavily marketed player in the game (by the way Big Z is heading to Miami too). Being the so called face of the NBA comes with a lot of weight on your shoulders. You have to take the good with the bad and that includes how the media deals with you and how race is involved in that coverage.

So Lebron is right, there is a racial component of how the media dealt with him and his decision. Always has been, always will be. What James’ may or may not have taken into account is how much these kids look up to him and expect him to do the right things. I learned a long time ago that there aren’t anymore heroes, at least not advertised ones, but kids and other people who saw Lebron as infallible don’t understand why he left Cleveland. The people of Cleveland certainly have nothing to cheer about now that their home grown superstar has flown the coop, leaving Josh Cribbs as maybe the most recognizable athlete in Cleveland. Fans in Chicago, New York and New Jersey are pissed that James didn’t come to their team. Millions of people including retired NBA greats looked at his teaming with Bosh and Wade as a cop-out, as the path of least resistance to win a championship. And the fact that he had an hour-long special on ESPN to announce his decision didn’t seem like the kind of thing that even media/endorsement whore Michael Jordan would have contemplated doing. Granted these are different times.

But for Lebron to act as if the media painted him in a negative light partly due to race is ignoring the essentially free pass he’s gotten from that same media and partially because of race up until his decision to leave Cleveland. For the first time in his career he’s had to endure some national ridicule. A multi-millionaire since he was out of high school and commonly known nickname, “KING JAMES”, it couldn’t possibly be that James brought this ridicule onto himself in the way he handled changing teams.

Even if James didn’t mean to implicate that race was anything but always an issue he did it in the wrong way and gave his detractors the means to attack him further.  If he wants to be anything like his idol Michael Jordan he better shut up and start blaming things on himself instead of other people or crying about how the media is treating him. The blue collar contingent of the U.S. doesn’t want to hear a multimillionaire bitch and complain about how tough their lives are. They’ve been making fun of rich white people for decades for that reason and I will bet that African American blue collar people feel like they just lost a little bit of pride in a guy that bitches and complains like a rich white guy.

CBSSports.com – Fantasy Football

By: Billy BeerSlugger

cbssportsWhy am I paying for the site and getting bombarded with advertisements? Why do they constantly ask me for surveys? If I wanted to take surveys I’d take some fucking surveys. I just don’t get why you pay for access to a site and still get pop ups about surveys, huge pull down ads about cars or beer and the sides of the website also feature an advertisement. What exactly am I paying for here? It’s not like these CBSSports.com writers are writing blubs about players and stories just for my league, they appear in all the leagues. If I was using Yahoo or ESPN or NFL.com or any free Fantasy Football website I would expect a certain level of ads because you get what you pay for and in that case I can see that ads are supporting my free use of the site/service. But how does CBSSports.com justify having my league pay $150+ and also show me advertisements? Is this a case similar to that of the Health-care industry? Where the paying customers of CBS Sports augment the costs of the free users?

I have emailed CBSSports.com about the use of advertisements on a paid fantasy football site and have gotten no response. Hopefully they find this post and can provide us with a little more information about their business model.

Kevin Kolb vs. Bobby Hoying

Bobby Hoying
Kevin Kolb

Bob McFlurry with Sports

I’ve been saying for awhile now that I’m not sold on Kevin Kolb as the answer at QB in Philadelphia.  The situation reminds me of 1997 when Bobby Hoying was anointed the savior of the Eagles franchise. Hoying was a second year Quarterback who took over for Ty Detmer who had taken over for Rodney Peete that year. Hoying threw for over 300 yards in a start against the Bengals which the Eagles won 44-42 in a shootout against Boomer Esiason.  I can remember the newspaper headlines the next day in which the media put the weight of the city on Hoying’s shoulders.

The Kevin Kolb situation is eerily familiar to the Hoying situation. Both QB’s were essentially over-hyped following 300 yard passing games. Kolb had two in a row but only one one to show for it. However, before Kolb took over for an injured Donovan McNabb in 2009 he had not throw for a touchdown. Well technically he had throw at least one touchdown, it just happened to be to the other team in Ed Reed’s NFL record 108 yard interception return. Before 2009 Kevin Kolb had a TD-INT ratio of 0-4 and at the end of the 2009 season he sat at 4-7.

The Kolb / Hoying comparisons go a little further than that:

  • Both players are listed to be 6’3″.
  • Hoying is the principal owner of a Real Estate Agency in Columbus Ohio
  • Kolb majored in Business Entrepreneurship at Houston.
  • Completion %: Hoying 64%, Kolb 68%
  • TD-INT: Kolb 4-7, Hoying 11-15

Maybe that’s where they stop but if Kevin Kolb doesn’t produce a sizable playoff run in his first two years he may go the way of Bobby Hoying and be shipped out of town. Only time will tell.

Baseball: Pie to the Face

pieSports with Bob McFlurry

You know I’m all for a little innocent fun in sports. When a guy drives in a run to win the game in the 9th why not beat him senseless when he comes to home plate? Why not do high fives and chest bumps after a big shot in a basketball game? Why not take your shirt off and slide across the field after a goal in Soccer? Why not do an endzone dance in football or spike the ball?

I’m all for athletes celebrating within reason. One thing I do get but don’t get the materials used in it is the old shaving cream pie to the face.  Now comedians have been using actual pies or whipped cream pies for decades to get laughs. My question is, why use shaving cream MLB players? Why use something you cannot eat and says directly on the can, “KEEP AWAY FROM EYES”? These athletes have loads of food and beer on hand for after games and they send clubhouse attendants out for this and that all the time. So why can’t there be a couple cans of reddi whip on hand for a post game celebration should that walk off homer or hit occur?

Don’t get me wrong I like the tradition, I like the celebration, I like the camaraderie but use something that is edible; something that is not going to irritate the eyes.  It’s really not that hard.


Say it ain't so Tom.

Sports with Bob McFlurry

I’ve been watching the Cleveland Cavaliers courting of Michigan State coach Tom Izzo for the last week or two. It may be a surprise to you that I’m not most interested in whether he accepts the job and stays on to coach Lebron James. I am most interested in whether or not in the near future Michigan State is brought up on some sort of NCAA violations/sanctions. With high profile coaches like John Calipari and Pete Carroll leaving their programs for other jobs right before they were brought up (publicly) on NCAA sanctions it makes me wonder if Izzo might have some of the same motivation to relocate.

I do not have any proof of anything and I am not accusing Tom Izzo of any wrongdoing, however, it seems weird that after all this time at Michigan State that he might to opt for a pro coaching gig.  Money I guess would be one factor, change of scenery may be another, but there are so many “don’t do it” reasons to stay put in the college ranks where you are (hopefully) comfortable and successful. NBA players aren’t always “coachable”, they don’t necessarily need to listen to the coach to stay on the team and you are stuck with these players until their contracts expire or are traded. In the NCAA I think Izzo more or less looks to reload talent every couple of years, things stay fresh and the kids are looking to win a championship, hustle and play well enough and desperate enough to get drafted. There is obviously a higher level of motivation for the average NCAA player to work hard than the average NBA player who already signed a multi-year contract.

I wish the best for Tom Izzo, if he wants to jump to the pro’s for a position he wants he’s allowed to do so. I just hope it’s not a decision resulting from a pending investigation into NCAA allegations. I don’t think it’s just coincidence that John Callipari and Pete Carroll walked away from their positions right before being sanctioned and because of that we can’t know if Izzo to the Cav’s is any different unless we don’t hear anything in the next year or so.

Lane Kiffin the Salesman

I don't know either they just keep giving me jobs?

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I don’t see what the big deal is with Lane Kiffin and why he’s a head football coach or was even considered for a head football coaching job. Yes he had some success as an assistant at USC in the mid 2000’s, more a product of the elite players the school collected than coaching in my mind. Yes Lane Kiffin took over recruiting for USC in 2005 but only after the program had restored itself as a national powerhouse. How hard is it to recruit players to a program that won a national championship the year before and finished in the top 2 or 3 in the years previous? It’s a sales job that I’m sure the Sham-Wow guy could do.

I’m not hating on Lane Kiffin as an assistant or a recruiter, I’m hating on Lane Kiffin as an arrogant son of a bitch. I’m hating on Lane Kiffin because he went 5-15 in the NFL and was miraculously given the head coaching job at Tennessee. I’m hating on Lane Kiffin because after he went 7-6 with a Bowl loss in 2009 he was magically given an even more high profile head coaching job back at USC after Pete Carroll left. So after a career head coaching record of 12 and 21 he somehow gets rewarded for not getting the job done. It’s the kind of promotions you’ll see in the government not in football.

One thing I do understand about the allure of Lane Kiffin is that he comes with his father Monte to run the defense. Monte Kiffin who is essentially the architect of the Tampa-2 defense that had the Buccaneers as one of the most dominant defenses in the NFL for 10 years or so.  I guess that really figures into the hiring process when you have your legend of a father in there with you at the interview.

He was lucky to get the Tennessee job, a job he kept for a year before moving to USC and inciting a riot on campus Knoxville. Now he’s being brought back to USC where he coached the player that got the University suspended from post-season play for the next two years. Not that it really matters. Judging by his coaching record I don’t think USC had a chance at a BCS game so the only thing USC loses out on is cash from the “INSERT SPONSOR HERE” Bowl. One thing is for sure though, Lane Kiffin is a hell of a salesman. Somehow he got 3 teams to buy his bullshit as a head coach.

NBComcast Sportsnet

comcast-nbcBy: Billy Beerslugger

With Comcast Corp’s recent acquisition of NBC are they in a real position to challenge ABC owned ESPN for dominance or at least a much larger share in the Sports Viewership?  Besides my stance against the Country’s largest Cable Provider now owning a network television station I am interested to see and rooting for Comcast to take on ESPN.

If you really think about it, Comcast Sportsnet is available widely all over the country. Areas of California including San Francisco and Oakland, Chicago, New England, New York, Oregon / Washington State area, Houston, Denver, Atlanta and parts of South Eastern US, Washington D.C. area and of course Philadelphia all have access to Comcast Sportsnet or their affiliates that deliver region specific sports news to them.

How much cooperation will there be between NBC and Comcast in terms of Sports coverage going forward or will they seemingly merge coverage just like ABC / ESPN did?  Could big Phillies Games soon be played by NBC 10 in Philadelphia and the pattern repeating in other parts of the country and their NBC affiliate? I guess only time will tell.

I am interested to see someone directly take on the ESPN machine though.  First order of business is to steal away the marketing team that does ESPN’s commercials which are usually absolutely hilarious.  If you can make me laugh I’ll stay on your channel longer.

Success and Failure in Philadelphia Sports

It's a Love/Hate Thing Here.
It's a Love/Hate Thing Here.

Sports with Bob McFlurry

What a bunch of crybabies Philadelphia sports fans are. Oh, the Eagles have never won a Super Bowl, the Flyers haven’t won a Stanley Cup since 1975, the Sixers haven’t gotten it done since 1983 and minus the Phillies breaking a miraculous curse in 2008, their only World Series win was in 1980.  It’s like Philly fans are so masochistic that they love to be hurt, we actually brag about it.

Yes there was 25 years between Championships in Philadelphia but that didn’t mean there weren’t teams to root for.  Yes you can give me the whole, “Of the cities with the four major sports teams, Philadelphia ranks last in Championships” crap but it’s still a whole lot better than being in Cleveland or Kansas City. And of the teams with four major sports teams I think we’ve had it a lot better than Phoenix, Minneapolis and Washington D.C.

If you rank a season Quality by the team making it to either the Championship game or the Conference Finals then the landscape changes a bit.

We’ll start our time line in the year 1980:


76ers lost to the Lakers in the NBA Finals 4 games to 2.

Flyers lost to the Islanders in the Stanley Cup Finals 4 games to 2

Eagles lost the Raiders in the Super Bowl 27-10

Phillies Win the World Series over the Royals 4 game to 2


76ers lost the NBA Championship to the Lakers 4 games to 2


Phillies lost to the Baltimore Orioles in the World Series 4 games to 1

76ers Won the NBA Championship over the Lakers 4-0


Flyers lost to the Oilers 4-1 in the Stanley Cup Finals


Flyers lost to the Oilers 4-3 in the Stanley Cup Finals


Flyers lost to the Canadiens 4 games to 2 in the Wales Conference Finals


Phillies lost to the Blue Jays in the World Series 4-2


Flyers lost to the Devils in the Conference Finals


Flyers lost to the Red Wings 4-0 in the Stanley Cup Finals


Flyers lost to the Devils in Eastern Conference Finals 4-3


76ers lost to the Lakers 4 games to 1 in the NBA Finals

Eagles lost to the Rams in the NFC Championship game 29-24


Eagles lost to the Buccaneers in the NFC Championship 27-10


Eagles lost to the Buccaneers in the NFC Championship 27-10


Flyers lost to the Lightning in Eastern Conference Finals to 4-3

Eagles lose to the Patriots in the Super Bowl 24-21


Flyers lost to the Penguins in the Easter Conference Finals 4 games to 1


Eagles lost to the Cardinals in the NFC Championship Game 32-25

Phillies Win the World Series over Rays 4 games to 1


Phillies lost to the Yankees in the World Series 4 games to 2


Eagles: 2 Super Bowl appearances and 6 Conference Championship appearances. 16 Playoff appearances.

Phillies: 2 World Series Championships, 5 World Series Appearances and 5 National League Championship appearances. 7 Playoff appearances total.

Flyers: 4 Stanley Cup Finals trips, 8 Conference Championship appearances. 22 Playoff appearances.

Sixers: 1 NBA Championship, 4 Finals appearances, 4 Eastern Conference Championships. 18 Playoff appearances.

You don’t have to label a season a success if the team doesn’t win their respective sports’ championship that year and to a certain degree I get that logic. However, there have been plenty of years either collectively or individually that professional Philadelphia sports franchises got your heart racing during playoff time. That you lived and died by that team, that you and the city pulled for them.

If you ask me the 2002 NFC Championship loss to Tampa Bay was one of the absolute worst feelings I’ve ever had in my life.  I swore off the Eagles and the next year my heart was in it again for another run. I guess my point here is that Philadelphia fans, for all their complaining and whining have it pretty good I think. Lito Sheppard was recently quoted to say that he thought Philly fans were “spoiled” by the decade of success the Eagles had and I’d have to agree with him. It’s not that easy to win a Championship in any sport even when you do have great players. I’ll settle for 3 Championships in 30 years and revel in the the enjoyment the next time one comes around.

Any playoff game is just another reason to get drunk and hang out with your friends so look on the bright side people, at least we’re not in Cleveland.