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By: Billy BeerSlugger

cbssportsWhy am I paying for the site and getting bombarded with advertisements? Why do they constantly ask me for surveys? If I wanted to take surveys I’d take some fucking surveys. I just don’t get why you pay for access to a site and still get pop ups about surveys, huge pull down ads about cars or beer and the sides of the website also feature an advertisement. What exactly am I paying for here? It’s not like these writers are writing blubs about players and stories just for my league, they appear in all the leagues. If I was using Yahoo or ESPN or or any free Fantasy Football website I would expect a certain level of ads because you get what you pay for and in that case I can see that ads are supporting my free use of the site/service. But how does justify having my league pay $150+ and also show me advertisements? Is this a case similar to that of the Health-care industry? Where the paying customers of CBS Sports augment the costs of the free users?

I have emailed about the use of advertisements on a paid fantasy football site and have gotten no response. Hopefully they find this post and can provide us with a little more information about their business model.

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