Shaq doesn’t do Preseason

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Mid-October I was at a Sixers preseason game against the Celtics. A couple of friends and I split season tickets and after a mixup at the will-call window we were awarded seats in the second row behind the basket, adjacent to the visiting teams bench.

Not that I particularly care but Shaq was suited up but wearing slippers. Basically he was not going into the game for any reason and not that I can blame an 18 year veteran for not playing in a preseason game but at least put some shoes on Shaq. Paul Pierce was in street clothes, if you’re not going into the game wear street clothes. But then I thought, “Shaq can probably do pretty much whatever he wants”. I’d say that’s a fair assessment, I wouldn’t want to be the guy who has to tell Shaq he can’t wear slippers to the game.

Also, the dude in the front row who was saying “Kazaam” every time the Sixers scored got real annoying. Dude we get the Shaq movie reference, Shaq I’m sure has heard this barb throw at him a number of times and it’s pretty unoriginal. If I had to guess that fan was from Jersey.

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