Power Rankings Week 2

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The latest ESPN NFL Power Rankings have our Philadelphia Eagles ranked at #4. I would love to know what these people are smoking. We’re talking about the Philadelphia Eagles right? In Philadelphia? Ranked ahead of the Colts, Chargers, Titans and Vikings? Hell half the league could beat us on Any Given Sunday and that’s being realistic even if McNabb is at QB and healthy.

I don’t know why people were so high on the Eagles this year. All we got was a starting tackle and guard (who is coming off major knee surgery) in the offseason.   We picked a WR in the first round of the draft who was supposed to be dynamic and figure in the return game and this guy might have 20 catches this year and doesn’t seem to be getting any reps at punt returner. We also got Shady McCoy in the draft to spell Westbrook and it seems like a good fit. We finnally have a true fullback which is great.

However, is the team that drastically different from the one that needed a miracle to make the playoffs last year? We may have gotten younger on Defense but did we get better? Nothing on Offense changed except the Tackles, the backup running backs and backup QB. I don’t see how or where we got significantly better on either side of the ball.

Desean Jackson is great and has worked out better than I have expected but is he a true number one receiver or just an overall game changer from either special teams or the receiver position. Is the guy going to go for over 1,000 yrds and 8 TD’s? Only time will tell.

Yes the NFC is wide open, yes we trounced Carolina in the First game but we also spanked the Rams on opening day last year too. All this being said I’d rather be the underdog or middle of the pack than be in ESPN’s Top 5.  I’d rather people be surprised at the Birds play than be disappointed by it and given their Ranking and no real upgrade in talent that’s probably what’s going to happen. Plus the Eagles are really good at disappointing us.

Now, I’m talking about a world even with Donovan McNabb fully healthy, it’s the same team as last year with a few more injuries and some unproven guys taking over for some veterans. I’m just not sure how you measure these things but whatever the apparatus or reasoning they’ll be out of the top 10 by week 5 and shouldn’t have even been in the top 5 in the first place. How many question marks does one need to convince you that there’s at least 10 teams better than the Eagles right now even before McNabb’s injury.

Not to say they won’t make the playoffs or make a run at a Superbowl but an elite team the Philadelphia Eagles are not right now and you will probably see a defense picked apart by Drew Brees this Sunday at the Linc.  Only time will tell but I think I’m smarter than the guys over in Bristol right now.

Eagles Receivers

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You know hindsight is always 20/20 but with Eagles first round draft pick Jeremy Maclin not likely to crack the starting lineup or be a force in the return game it begs the question of whether or not the Eagles really do want to “Win Now”.  You had the chance to give up a first rounder (which was spent on Maclin) and a later round pick or two (which you had about 50 of) to get a proven, top flight receiver.  Instead we got a question mark in Jeremy Maclin. I realize that Desean Jackson seemed to work out well but is it going to work again?  Did the Eagles go with the draft to get another Desean Jackson on the cheap instead of overpaying for a proven receiver?

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Eagles Pre-Draft Update and Jason Peter’s Signing

By: Billy Beerslugger

So most if not all of Eagles fans were disappointed with the lack of signing big ticket free agents or trades this offseason.  We just traded for one of the best left-tackles in football and all I hear on 610 WIP is, “We could have used that pick to trade for Braylon or Anquan Boldin”.  I’m hip to that, I want a top flight receiver in Philadelphia like I want Charlize Theron to make me a Turkey Sandwich while completely naked. I think Donovan McNabb is saying the same thing.

What the Eagles have done this offseason is nothing write off though.  They lost their two 10 year plus with the Eagles tackles and they just reloaded with Stacey Andrews and Jason Peters.  All indications to me, that’s an upgrade all around at the tackle position.  The lay person has no idea how important it is to have a good offesive and defensive line.  Then, an afterthought in the Birds free agent signings, Leonard Weaver is the first true fullback we’ve had in Philadelphia since Jon Ritchie.  Is that going to upgrade the running game.  Simply put, YES!

We’ve got the 21st pick in the first round of the draft.  Look for the Birds to select a running back to complement/replace a 30 year old Brian Westbrook.  As I’ve said before I’m McLovin Knowshown Moreno.  Do not think that the Eagles are going to trade that first rounder for Anquan or Braylon, it’s not happening.  Though the Eagles do have a 2nd round pick and other draft pick ammunition that could lure Tony Gonzalez or Chad Ocho Cinqo to Philadelphia.  You can consider Reggie Brown part of that ammunition as well.

If the Eagles come out of this offseason with two tackles, a capable running back with an upside (not Ryan Moats or Tony Hunt), a true fullback and either Ocho Stinko or Tony Gonzalez it’s an A+ offseason.  Right now I think they’re sitting in the B- range depending on what transpires in the draft.   All is not lost, there’s definitely a light at the end of the tunnell in what looks like an open race for NFC supremacy.

And for a little prognostication from the Beerslugger himself, Matthew Stafford will have a career similar to that of Jay Cutler.  They both have talent but need to be in the right system and surrounded by a good amount of playmakers to win.  Mark Sanchez I believe will be another in a long line of USC QB’s taken in the first round that will be considered a bust.  I don’t think Mark Sanchez has the skills to make it in the NFL just like I questioned whether Matt Leinert would be able to flourish.  Considering they both wore the same knee brace in college I’m going to guess Mark Sanchez makes more headlines about getting hurt then he does with his play.  But I’ve been wrong before, like when I was Pro Communism and Racism.