Kim Kardashian – How she became a star

By: Billy BeerSlugger

I don’t have any time to frame and of my newest article ideas eloquently right now so I figured I’d go with old faithful, CHICKS.

You probably know who Kim Kardashian is.  She’s got an awful TV show, she posed for Playboy and she modeled for something or other.  Probably has her own clothing line and fragrance like every other Reality Tv Star.  She’s got a big ass and is nominally hot. Needless to say I’d give her the high hard one but when is that saying much.

Anywhoodle, besides being the daughter of one of the jackoff lawyers that got O.J. off for murder, she’s famous for (what else) having a sex tape.  Apparently taking a lesson in upping your profile from such upstanding celebrities as Paris Hilton, Kardashian made the sex tape with then boyfriend R & B singer Brandy’s brother, Ray J.

Now at this point you may be saying, “Yea, I know she has a sextape”.  However, have you seen it?

Well I’m not going to embed the video right into the page since some 70% of the BeerSlugger faithfull log on from work, but you can click on this link and watch it at home if you want you naughty little monkey.  Of course I’ll label the video as (NSFW) Not Safe For Work so don’t complain to me if your boss calls you to his/her office and asks you why you’re on at work.

Ps: You’re welcome.

Pss: I wonder how Reggie Bush feels about all of this.  At what point (as a girl) do you tell a guy you’re interested in dating seriously that there’s a SexTape of you on the internet?  I’m sure Reggie Bush already knew but the question still stands ladies.

Naked Chicks (NS4W)

By: Billy Beerslugger

I feel like it’s my responsibility to bring the Beerslugger faithful interesting and thought provoking issues. As a man, there’s not really anything more interesting or thought provoking than naked women.

So from time to time I’ll try to get you links to celebrities in their birthday suits. Of course they will just be links so we’ll keep safe for work viewing (at least in terms of images).

Eliza Dusku, Chelsea Handler along with the hottest milf on the planet Cindy Crawford in the upcoming Allure magazine.

Audrina Patridge, of the Hills Fame, got naked a couple of years ago.

Megan Fox of the Transformers movies has some nipple band aids on.

Lindsay Lohan did a recreation of a Marilyn Monroe photo shoot last year.

Natalie Portman in some sort of “film” where she gets naked or at least you see her ass.

Oscar Winner “Marissa Tomei” in the Wrestler.

Kim Kardashian in Playboy.

In most if not all of these links the pictures are part of a series of pictures and you may need to click on an actual photos to see the girlie parts uncensored.

This should keep the spank bank open past regular store hours. But again we’re dealing with naked pictures here so use discretion in your place of work.