Tommy Davidson – ‘Illin in Philly

By: Billy BeerSlugger

I remember seeing this Tommy Davidson standup routine in the early 90’s and laughing my ass off, especially being that it was filmed in Philly. I still can’t figure out why Tommy Davidson never became a huge star after In Living Color. The guy is seriously funny. And the crowd for this performance was amazing.

I also, sort of miss early 90’s fashion in the black community. It celebrated African heritage, was very bright and colorful and looking back on it seems to send a very positive and unified message.

There are 5 videos from the performance, I will post the first two and put links to the remaining 3. It is definitely worth a watch if you haven’t seen it.

Tommy Davidson – Illin In Philly Part 3

Tommy Davidson – Illin In Philly Part 4

Tommy Davidson – Illin In Philly Part 5

The League

By: Billy BeerSlugger

The League is flat out hilarious.  It’s the sort of entertainment you’ve come to expect from the network that gave us It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia. The plot lines of the episodes revolve around a Fantasy Football League, the members of that league and the interactions with wives, girlfriends and one night stands.

It comes on right after it’s Always Sunny and this is now considered my favorite hour of television each week.  Any show that has a woman say to her husband “I have confidence in my pussy” while drunk at dinner deserves a full season of episodes ordered. During this same conversation a member of the league (Nick Kroll) notes that his fellow league members’ wife may have a little “Vaginal Hubris”.  Later a music video about it is made by another League Member is shown and posted on the League website.  Eventually the “confident” wife views the league message board and sees the video and more hilarity ensues.

I’ve followed Nick Kroll for awhile and he’s definitely of the brand of Jewish humor that I’m buying at the Supermarket. Check out some of his stuff on Funny Or Die. He shares my affinity for Ed Hardy T-Shirts.