Lebron James: Duke until proven otherwise.

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24 year old Lebron James, King James, just lost the Eastern Conference Finals to the Orlando Magic.  Now I don’t despise Lebron James but I’ve got a real problem with people crowning Lebron James the Michael Jordan of his era without winning anything.

I’ll agree that he is an ambasador of Basketball, I’ll agree that he is a top 5 player in the league, I’ll agree from sitting behind the visitors bench at a Sixers/Cavs game that Lebron James is a pretty cool individual.

What I can’t do is root for the man.  Not when he’s got a Billion other people rooting for him, not when he’s shaking hands with Jay-Z and not when he’s about to bolt from Cleveland for a Big Market after the coming season.

The guy who is supposed to be the epitome of class and sportsmanship walked off the court tonight without shaking the other teams hands, without congratulating Olympic teammate Dwight Howard on his advance to the Finals and without doing any of the postgame press conferences he so enjoys after a win.

I think lost in this is the win of Patrick Ewing, frontcourt coach for the Magic.  This man delivered on a gaurantee to win the series against defending champion Boston Celtics and now helped coach his most apt pupil to a finals birth over this generations version of Michael Jordan, a feat he could never achieve as a player.

What Lebron James proved to me today is that he could take the Orlando Magic exactly as far as the Sixers took them in the playoffs, 6 games.  He proved to me that he could not get to the NBA Finals with the wealth of talent that was given to him this year.  He proved to me that he may end up to be no better than Allen Iverson given the fact that Iverson took the likes of Tyrone Hill, George Lynch, Aaron McKie and Jumaine Jones to The NBA Final and actually won a game.  To liken each others situation, both had a 4 time Defensive Player of the year on the team and Eric Snow running point. and in both instances Lebron either failed to win a finals game or failed to reach the finals.

Basically until Lebron James is paired with his Scottie Pippen, he is at the mercy of defensive schemes that attack him and only him.  As good as he is and as good as he will be, a team game like Basketball can and will never be won by one person.  The sooner Lebron realizes what Jordan embraced and what Iverson ignored, the closer he will be to the hardware he desires from the NBA.

That may be after this coming season when Lebron is eligible for free-agency.  Or it may seemingly be never, doomed to a career of personal accolades and highlight reels but never the ultimate prize of NBA Champion just like Allen Iverson.

Only time will tell, and at 24, Lebron James (or David Stern) still has time to write his legacy.

Theories in Linguistics

By: Billy BeerSlugger

Did you ever wonder where some of these slang words that we use nowadays originated?  For instance why would you call your male friend your “Homey”, or why is it when you (as a male) when trying to pick up girls refer to it as “holla’ing”.

Of course I have a theory about this.  At least these two urban slang words.

Homey: The boys, the ones you not only like, but trust. Used in a sentence: “You homeys got my back, right.” (According to the Urban Dictionary).

Do you notice the phonetic similarity to the French word “Homme” (pronounced hohm) and the urban slang word “Homey”?  The French word “Homme” is translated as man.  So you can see how I came to the conclusion that a misguided high-schooler, while in French class, began calling all his boys a mispronounced version of “Homme” (Ho – Me).  Both words are masculine nouns.  You make the connection.

The next word we will look at is “Holla“.  You’ve done it.  You’ve holla’d at a girl at least once in your life. And what exactly are you doing when you “Holla” at a girl.  Basically, you don’t know this girl you’re trying to say hello.  Same thing when you say “Holla Back”.  What you’re trying to articulate is “I’m saying hello to you and I’m asking you to say hello back”.

Well guess what the Spanish word for hello is ? “Hola“.  Add another L in the Spanish word “Hola” and you have “Holla“.  Coincedence, I think not.  I think this another case of a misguided high-schooler in Spanish class trying to use a word from a different language to impress people but ultimately mispronouncing the word.

“Holla Suzie”, the young man remarked. He was trying to say “Hello Suzie” in Spanish, the young lady laughed and the phrase stuck.  The rest is history.

Now I could be wrong about this but I’m wasted right now and it makes complete sense to me.  We’ll see when I wake up.

Greatest Athlete of All Time: Jim Thorpe

jimthorpeBy: Luan Zuccarello

Throughout mankind many questions have been asked over and over again with no right or wrong answer. One of our favorite topics of conversation, especially after a few tall frosty ones, deals with- Who is the greatest Athlete of all-time? So grab your favorite beer and join me on this journey to find the Greatest Athlete of All-Time.

Happy Birthday Jim Thorpe – born May 28th 1888 in Indian Territory (this was land the USA set aside for Native Americans). He was both Native American and European American and was raised in the faith of Roman Catholicism. He attended Carlisle Indian Industrial School where he was a 5 sport athlete and was coached by the famous Pop Warner. Thorpe participated in Track and Field, Football, Lacrosse, Baseball, and Ball Room Dancing – winning the 1912 inter-collegiate ballroom dancing championship.

Track and Field

The story goes – Thorpe had just arrived on Carlisle campus and decided to take a walk by the track. The high jumpers were practicing so Thorpe wanted to have some fun and ran up and out jumped all of them while still wearing street clothes! Jim participated in the 1912 Olympics in both the pentathlon and decathlon and if that wasn’t enough qualified for the high jump and long jump finals…. Michael Phelps who??? That’s 17 events in the manner of days – and this was way before Gatorade, HGH, and Protein Bars. He did it on plain H2O, bananas and orange slices. Thorpe won gold in both the pentathlon and decathlon, and finished 1st in 8 out of the 15 events! That is completely unheard of and a feat that will never be accomplished again.


Jim Thorpe gained nationwide attention while playing for Carlisle. In 1911, he played running back, defensive back, place kicker and punter for a team that went 11-1. They even defeated Harvard (dominant football team back in the day) and he scored every point. The following year he led Carlisle to the National Collegiate Championship and along the way defeated Army. Army was led by future President Dwight Eisenhower who said about Jim “He could do anything better than any player I have ever seen”. Did I mention he was All American in both 1911 and 1912? In 1915, Thorpe signed with the Canton Bulldogs (this was after playing pro baseball for 3 years) for $250 a game – an outrageous paycheck for that time. Before his signing the Bulldogs were averaging 1200 fans a game; 8000 showed up for his debut! The man was a Rock Star! The team won championships in 1916, 1917 and 1919. Thorpe ended the 1919 championship game by kicking a 95 yard punt and pinning the opposing team on the 1 yard line. In 1920 the Canton Bull Dogs were one of the teams that joined the APFA – which would become the NFL two years later. Thorpe was elected the first president or commissioner of the APFA and made the All-NFL team in its first year of inception.


Jim Thorpe signed with the New York baseball club in 1913 played in the outfield for 3 seasons. He barnstormed across the US and then the world drawing huge crowds. He became an unofficial ambassador of the game. Thorpe played sporadically until 1922 playing in 289 professional games – he was .252 hitter.

In 1926 Jim, decided he would try his hand at basketball. He barnstormed with a Native American team for two years, playing against some of the top Pro teams. This part of his life is not well documented and no stats can be found.

I have provided facts not opinion about the man, the myth, the legend who was Jim Thorpe. The greatest athlete should not be based on one’s opinion of who is more agile or quick. The only way you can measure each one of these athletes against each other is on stats and records. Since when does not winning or individual/team achievement mean squat? The athletes put forth so far are just that – athletes. How can you become the greatest at something and have never won anything? Your athletic prowess should shine and be able to elevate you or your team to be #1. In 1950, an AP poll of 400 sportswriters and broadcasters voted Thorpe the greatest athlete of the first half of the 20th century. In addition, on May 27, 1999 the United States House of Representatives passed resolution 198 honoring Jim Thorpe as “America’s athlete of the century”. He was inducted into the Pro Football Hall of Fame in 1963 and into halls of fame for college football, U.S. Olympic teams, and national track and field competition.

Thorpe’s accomplishments occurred during a period of racism and racial inequality in the United States. When Thorpe won his gold medals, not all Native Americans were even recognized as United States citizens (not until 1924). This man was Bo Jackson before Bo Jackson, he was Jackie Robinson before Jackie Robinson, and he was Michael Phelps before Michael Phelps. I could go on and on but my Fire Water has run out – Case Closed!

That’s Someone’s Daughter

By: Billy BeerSlugger

I just read this article on ABC.com and watched the video, entitled Teens: Oral Sex and Casual Prostitution No Biggie. It talks about how a blow job is the new new good night kiss.  Pre-teen girls are trading sexual favors to stay in relationships, for money and for clothing/accessories.  And these girls don’t think there’s anything really wrong with it.

They apparently come from middle to upper class family’s as well which makes things a little more intriguing, usually it’s the poorer girls that become whorish at an earlier age.  I can remember being at an 8th grade birthday party where a group of girls around the ages of 11-13, told me they were blowing dudes and having sex before their parents came home from work.  All the while I’m thinking, “Why can’t” this be me?”.

I don’t know what took Good Morning America so long to report on this subject but it’s at least 10 years over due.  Now it’s common knowledge that young girls tend to date men who are a little older then them.  Whether it’s because they have a car or because they can buy alcohol or because they have a lot more money then their male counterparts of lesser age.  Since these younger girls are dating slightly more mature or experienced guys, they tend to do try to go the extra mile to try to impress them and be kept around.  “Yeah sure I’ll take my shirt off while drunk at this party”.  “Sure I’ll have sex with you and your friend tonight.”.  Though if there’s one thing these girls have right is that a girl who gives it up (whatever it may be) isn’t going to be at a loss for company on the weekends.

Not that I was privy to the cool chicks banging me at an early age, but i’ve seen my fair share of crazy shit in college.  Freshman girls move into the dorms and for the first semester or so view it as an extension of Senior Week.  Girls walking around in a frat house naked after hours, taking off clothes,throwing them and making out with other girls during the party, a group of guys (including the Chapter Advisor) just sitting around watching a girl finger herself.   Topless Tuesdays, Nitrous Nensdays.  My friend and I had a saying when we would see some girl doing some completely outlandish shit, “That’s someone’s daughter.“.

This type of behavior can continue to occur even after college.  My friend just informed me that he banged a girl who is in his shore house over the weekend, then she proceeded to bang another guy and have a three-some with that guy and another.  Apparently she left a note telling the housemates she was sorry for her actions and she would not be back this summer.  I can only imagine what the note said, “If you’re reading this, you already know.  I banged 3 dudes inside of 48 hours and I can no longer show my face in this house”.

There is though the double standard.  If a guy had roasted 3 girls in 48 hours he’d get a pat on the back and an “atta’ boy”.

I think the point I’m trying to make is that kids have and will continue to do whatever the hell it is they want to do (and what MTV tells them).  In light of the society we live in kids will continue to have sex in their pre-teens given they watch enough Beverly Hills 90210 or Gossip Girl or whatever teenaged show where the crux of a couple episodes a season is whether or not a main female character will have sex/lose their virginity.  There probably is a lot of social pressure for a young girl to get down to business as well.

Inevitably a girl has to get royally screwed over to realize they need to grow up and not just do crazy shit to impress some jerk off guys or trade sex to be in a relationship.  I’m guessing girls that have sex earlier, realize the need to get more mature in their sexuality earlier.  Though they will be labeled a whore in high school they have a chance to re-invent themselves in college.  Either way kids are growing up faster then our parents ever dreamed of.  I just wish I was getting Hum-Jums when I was 11.

Greatest Athlete of All Time: Barry Sanders

By: Billy BeerSlugger

First of all let me say this debate is not about the most popular athlete ever, it’s the greatest athlete ever.  I’ve considered athletes that play individual and team sports.  Sports with balls and sports without balls.  Sports that have a finish line, goal, pin, basket, plate and net.  Sports that athletes throw, run, catch, shoot, tackle, swim, swing, spike, juke and pedal.  I’m trying to be as objective as possible and not discount any sport.  I’m not going to neglect an athlete just because they didn’t win “The Big One” because we are talking about athletic ability and especially in team sports, one person does not get you to the top of the mountain.

Merriam-Webster describes an athlete as: a person who is trained or skilled in exercises, sports, or games requiring physical strength, agility, or stamina. I am going to throw speed in there as well.

To narrow down the field I am only considering athletes that have a combination of all of these traits: speed, strength, agility and stamina.  A bowler may be able to throw a strike but maybe can’t run a six minute mile, a world class weight lifter can put up 500lbs but maybe can’t run the 100m dash in under 14 seconds.  A golfer may be able to hit a ball 250yrds but can’t long jump 10ft. A cyclist may be able to climb the Wall in Manyunk but can’t change direction while running as fluently as basketball or football player.

Gone from consideration are athlete’s like Tiger Woods, Michael Phelps and Lance Armstrong.  Nothing to diminish their accomplishments but they are not the caliber of well rounded athlete I’m considering. I’m looking for athlete’s that could play multiple sports if they wanted to and probably did.

I truly believe that the All Time Decathlon High Scorer, Roman Šebrle (Czech Republic) could be considered the greatest athlete of all time. Traditionally, the title of “World’s Greatest Athlete” has been given to the man who wins the decathlon.  10 events which measure strength, speed, agility and endurance.  However, being that IAAF  changes their scoring system around every 20 years or so, some call the scoring system flawed and the fact that he’s not an American, I’m going to choose someone else.

So yes, my pick is Barry Sanders. Barry Sanders?  Yes Barry Sanders.  Why you ask, here’s why.

The man could change direction any which way and not only make the defender miss but make him look completely foolish.  He had legs like tree trunks, could stop on a dime and start up again like no one I’ve ever seen play the game of football.  Probably the most agile person I’ve ever seen run the ball.  Barry clocked in with a 4.37 in the 40 yard dash at the NFL combine and while that’s not the fastest time ever, it was his quickness that made him special.

Barry not only could make a man miss, he could straight up bounce off a tackler.  You would think he was stopped in the backfield and then all of a sudden Barry gets pushed 3 yards back, the defender that hit him is on the ground and Barry runs for 20 yards the other way.  Barry could bowl over people as well and wriggle out of tackles.  The man basically invented the spin move (the circle button on Madden).

I don’t think you will ever see a runner like Barry Sanders again.  Selected to the Pro Bowl every year of his career, 2 time offensive player of the year, Co-Mvp of the 1997 season.  15 career touchdown runs of 50 yards or more, most in NFL history. The man only missed 6 games in his entire 10 year career, that’s endurance for you, especially for a guy that supposed to get hit every time he touches the ball.

Barry retired in 1999, about 1,458 yards away from breaking Walter Payton’s all time career rushing for the NFL.  Not because Barry couldn’t play anymore, but because Barry was such a competitor and wanted to win so bad that he retired instead of spending another season with the last place Detroit Lions (some things don’t change).  Sanders could have easily played 3 or 4 more years.

To put it into perspective Payton needed 3 more years to get the 1,500 more yards and Emmit Smith played 5 more years to get 3,000 more yards than Barry.  No one else in the NFL Hall of Fame has a higher per carry average than Sanders (5ypc) except Jim Brown (5.2ypc).

He set 34 NCAA records during his 1988 Heisman Campaign, over 2,600 yards and 39 touchdowns.

During an NBA Slam Dunk contest, Sanders dunked, flat footed and he’s 5’9”.

I could go on and on about this guy, but one of the greatest things about him (in my eyes) is that he never spiked a football.  He never did a dance in the endzone.  For as good as he was he wasn’t a showboat. He brought his hardhat to work, did his job and went home.  There’s something to be said about that in an era when you got more press for your endzone antics then your play on the field sometimes.

Anyway, you don’t have to agree with me but the guy has everything an athlete needs, speed, power, endurance and probably one of the most agile human beings ever.

Greatest Athlete of All Time: Bo Jackson

Bo Knows Breaking Bats

By: Bones

Anybody’s opinion about the G.O.A.T. (athlete version) can be twisted any number of ways depending on what a person values in an athlete, and the debate about it will rarely be tame because of the glut of great choices, biases based on team/player loyalties, and the inevitable fact that you probably are 10-12 alcoholic bevvies deep before it gets brought up. So while I won’t quibble with anyone else’s choice, because lining up behind LeBron, Lance, Usain, Michael, or Tiger is a good place to be, I am gonna throw out my own pick for lots of reasons I’ll get into later in this piece right now- Bo MutherFucking Jackson.

First, lets establish that this debate has a ‘Men Only’ sign on the door. Meaning absolutely no disrespect, I’ll say a woman has no shot in this debate, and that should be obvious. That’s not to say that a woman can’t be better than a man at something sports related- obviously that’s true- but when you are talking the best of the best, it’s no contest. There are certain physical limitations that a woman can’t overcome- build, muscle mass, and height to name a couple. That’s why there are women’s records and women’s sports. Show me a sports record held by a woman, and I’ll show you one that guys don’t give a rats patoot about.

Next, lets establish that I don’t regard career statistics in any sport as a good measure of how great an athlete you are or were. The fact that Bo isn’t in the NFL or MLB HOF means nothing to me in that regard. I don’t rank Hank Aaron as one of the top athletes of all time just because he held the home run record. That fact alone, and this applies to any number of people with career type records like Roger Clemens, Nolan Ryan, or Dan Marino, among many others- does not qualify you in my book. Those kinds of achievements, although mostly held by world class athletes for sure, can be won through mental toughness, luck, lack of competition, or endurance. It’s kind of like saying that Danielle Steele is a better writer than Charles Dickens because she wrote more books than he did, or that Jamie Moyer is a better pitcher than Sandy Koufax was because he has got almost a hundred more wins. Quality over quantity people. Further, I think statistical achievements are devalued because they are obtainable by lesser talents- Kevin Millwood threw a no-hitter, and Dustin Pedroia won the AL MVP last year.

Third, I think a dominating physical presence from an early age is important. I don’t want to here about Mike Jordan getting cut from his basketball team in high school, or any such nonsense like a guy that flourished once he hit a certain level of competition, like Tom Brady. The G.O.A.T. didn’t get draft in the 3rd round- Joe Montana, I’m looking at you. I don’t want to hear about guys who ‘found the right coach/trainer’, or ‘found God’, or ‘found their mental focus’. The G.O.A.T. is a guy who has dominated at every level that people can remember- a child prodigy, a high school God, and a undeniable force in college and/or professional sports. He was born with it, and he didn’t need anyone to drag it out of him.

Next, the G.O.A.T should show a versatility beyond the reach of mere mortals. He doesn’t excel at a skill he practices obsessively- he excels immediately at whatever sport, game, or feat is thrown at him. Throw out any pitcher or goalie right away- they don’t even play all aspects of their respective sports. He can’t be a great power hitter who was/is unable to hit for average. He has got to be fast, quick, and strong all in the same package. He can’t be a quarterback who can’t run, or a WR who can’t go over the middle. He is not Randy Moss. He makes a joke of combine workouts- he is called one of the best draft prospects ever.

Finally, the G.O.A.T. must be the stuff of legends. You’ve heard about him, seen him on YouTube, and past teammates and friends swear he’s the best that ever lived. People tell tales of catching flys with bare hands, running down rabbits in an open field when they were 10 years old. Specifically, he breaks his bat over his knee in a major league game. He catches fly balls with his bare hand, and he runs literally up and down an outfield wall. He annilihates Brian Bosworth on MNF and ruins his career almost singlehandedly. he is unstoppable in video games, and the depth of his legend inspires Paul Bunyan like stories, stories that can’t possibly be true, but you wonder, and maybe even wish, that they might be.

So all that being said, lets review Bo Jackson’s athletic career in regards to the requirements that I set forth above.

He was the first athlete to be named to the All-Star game in two professional sports- Baseball and Football. Can you imagine someone doing that in the internet age? The man would be a sensation, a bazillionaire on the level of Tiger and LeBron. Adrian Peterson is great, but does he have to skip training camp because he is playing an All Star right field through September in the majors? I think not. Starting in high school, the guy was out of this world ridiculous. He rushed for 1,175 yards as a running back as a high school senior and hit twenty home runs in twenty-five games for the baseball team during his senior season. That’s not all folks: he was also a two-time state champion in the decathlon. Yes, you read that right. The Yankees drafted him out of high school but decided to go to Auburn, where he won the Heisman in 1985 while putting up a career average of 6.6 yards a carry. Fuck, man. 6.6. yards a carry. In his spare time he hit .401 for the baseball team and qualified for the US Olympic team in the 100 yard dash. Seriously, the dude was fast. He ran an insane 4.12 40 yard dash, still considered the fastest verifiable 40 time at an NFL Combine. He was drafted No. 1 overall in the NFL Draft, but chose to play baseball, where he did all sorts of crazy shit. He hit home runs in 4 consecutive at bats in 1990- the 4th in his first at bat off the DL. He won the All Star game MVP with a 450 foot bomb of a home run, and continually did things no one else cold even consider doing: throwing the ball to home plate on the fly to get a runner from the warning track flat footed, hitting a home run on a pitch where he was trying to call a time out. The list goes on and on…and that’s only baseball. He averaged 5.4 yards a carry in his NFL career (5.4!), and that coming off full baseball seasons. He ran for 221 yards on MNF 29 carries into his NFL career. We all know that he had the hip injury that pretty much ended his career(s), but even in injury he was amazing: In an interview on Untold, his Royals’ teammate George Brett, who attended the game where he was injured, said he asked the trainer what had happened to Bo. The trainer replied “Bo says he felt his hip come out of the socket, so he popped it back in, but that’s just impossible, no one’s that strong.” Sounds like the stuff of legends, if you ask me. So now he’s injured, and his career is pretty much over- but he actually had his hip replaced and still was able to come back to MLB and win the AL comeback player of the year award, hitting a home run in his first at bat back. Seriously. Just for kicks, he also dabbled in basketball after he got his new hip, playing for a semi-pro team. If you think the last paragraph sounds like the description of a legend, a myth, or a movie character, that is exactly my point. except it’s all true.

Let the bar be set. Bo Knows Sports.

Twitter? What’s that?

twitterBy: Billy BeerSlugger

So a lot of my friends have asked me what Twitter is.  That’s all you ever hear about nowadays, Twitter, Tweet’s, Twats. “You’re a computer guy, you should know this stuff”, they say.

From what I’ve read, it’s a mico-blogging tool.  Where BeerSlugger.com is a blog and has no real limit on the amount of text, Twitter has a post limit on characters that is about the same as a text message (SMS).  You can actually Twitter (effectively post text to your account and have it show up on the website) from your phone using Text messages so that I’m guessing comes in handy on the go.  Though if I wanted to I could post something to BeerSlugger.com from my Blackberry (I’m a one upper).  I’m not sure what is so important that you couldn’t wait to go home and post on a regular blog or website but I guess if everyone else is jumping off a bridge I should too.

Anyway, I’m hip, I’m cool, I know who the Jonas Brothers are and I use Twitter.

Check me out at http://twitter.com/beerslugger

Eventually I’ll try and incorporate the Twitter into the BeerSlugger.com once i figure out what I can use it for besides sending messages while in the bathroom.  Preliminary ideas include segments called “Toilet Talk” and “Droppin’ Knowledge While Dropping A Deuce”.

Let me know what you guys think.


tackleBy: Billy BeerSlugger

In life as in football, you have to be sure that you are not over-pursuing your objective.  As anyone who is a fan of the NFL can attest, a defender over-pursuing a ballcarrier in the open field leaves himself open to a change in direction and when that happens the defender is usually grabbing at air or on the ground ground trying to make a shoestring tackle.

The same is true in dating I have found.  Playing the game is a necessary part of acquiring a worthy mate.  Acting semi-interested in the girl instead of full blown will get you a lot farther a lot faster.  Seems counter intuitive but since women run on emotion instead of logic that’s the way this game needs to be played.

You don’t want to go Stage 5 Clinger when you first get the girls phone number and text or call repeatedly, even if she is the best looking girl in your black book at the moment.  This may be especially hard right after a breakup where you may not have any girls in your phone.  I had to re-learn the lessons of over-pursuit the hard way.

Think of the movie Tommy Boy, and the scene where Chris Farley describes how excited he gets when a potential client is remotely interested in buying something from him:

Now replace the “sale” in Tommy Boy with the Girls Phone Number.  It’s essentially the same principal, sales is a numbers game just like dating. anyway  You gotta play it cool, too cool for school if you know what I mean.

If you ask the girl out and she has something to do let her make the next move.  If you don’t hear from her in a couple of weeks try one more time and if it doesn’t happen, delete her from your phone.  It’s actually a very liberating experience.

Hollywood movies would have you believe that if you put yourself out there, just tell the girl straight up you’re  at least ready to explore the possibility of starting a relationship that this will work in your favor.  These love stories had me a bit confused as a young adult and what had me even more confused is that watching these stories with females, they get teary eyed, emotional and tell you that’s the kind of guy they want, a nice guy, “Why can’t I find a nice guy?”.  Nothing could be further from the truth.  There’s a least a billion nice guys out there and all I ever hear from women is how shitty their current boyfriend treats them (though there’s always two sides to that story).  Still when it comes down to it they would rather date the bad boy then the nice guy.

All I’m saying is that like football, you have to take the correct angle to make the tackle.  Don’t overpursue, don’t underpursue.  Be available but not that available, show interest but not that much interest.  You can be a nice guy and still compete with the bad boys using other tools like being nonchalant and mysterious.

At least that’s what I keep telling myself.

Center City Schwill’s

By: Billy BeerSlugger

It’s about that time again, every Wednesday, June 3 through August 26, 5-7 pm (happy hour’s), imbiber’s can enjoy $4 cocktails, $3 wine, $2 beers and half-priced appetizers at the participating bars and restaurants. Individual bars and restaurants will determine which drinks and appetizers are on special and some bars will offer a 15% discount on those patrons who stay after 7pm.


Looks like I’m not going to be able to get my run in on Wednesday evenings.

For a full list of participating bars and restaurants click here.  Who’s comin’ with me?  I think we can hit each of the participating bars throughout the summer.

The Great Debate

Many a drunken night and with many drunken people I have had what is probably the most highly contested, argued over and intense debates facing man today.  I’m not talking about Abortion, Same Sex-Marriage, Universal HealthCare or Legalizing Marajuana.  I’m talking about debate of who is THE GREATEST ALTHLETE OF ALL TIME.

Over the next week or so you’ll hear from a bunch of staff writers, including myself, on who is the Greatest Athlete of All Time.  You may agree, you may disagree, you may want to write your own article on who you think is the Greatest.  By all means send it to info@beerslugger.com.  Make comments, participate.

After we are done posting on the subject we will put up a poll and we’ll let the BeerSlugger faithful decide.

As always thanks for logging on and please let your opinion be known.


W.J. BeerSlugger