Don’t Let Me Down

Robby Ripchord with Music

In what is arguably the greatest Beatles song ever recorded it was also the Beatles last live performance together. This version of Don’t Let Me Down was performed live on the rooftop of Apple Studios in London with onlookers from the street and passerby’s taking notice.  It sounds great given the conditions, much better than a lot of the live acts today. Paul McCartney seems at the apex of 70’s fashion and beards were certainly in style.  I’m not particularly a Beatles fan but this is an amazing song and it’s the type of music that’s just not made today or is not mainstream for sure.

Given that I watched a documentary on the Beatles last night and they are in the news being that their collection is on iTunes I though this would certainly be topical.  And given that is their last performance together it’s kind of an historic thing to watch even if you’re not into the Beatles.

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