With TV over the Internet and Netflix, Who Needs Cable?

Cable is expensive.  I have regular cable in my room and a box downstairs with all the HD channels and goodies.  I maybe get about 50 channels upstairs with about 4 of those being Spanish Language.  Very rarely do I watch TV if it’s not sports related.  If you haven’t gathered my opinion of reality TV yet I’ll just say I don’t watch it and leave it at that.

Id do, however, watch shows like Lost, 24, 30 Rock, It’s always Sunny in Philadelphia etc.  I don’t usually watch these shows during their original air time, I catch them on the internet at my leisure at places like Hulu.com and network sites like NBC.com, ABC.com and Fox.com.  Mostly Hulu though.

Anyway, I have always been a fan of Netflix . I watched the first 3 seasons of 24,the first 3 seasons of the Sopranos and the entire series of “The Wire” on DVD’s gotten in the mail from Netflix.  Great service.  Recently, I noticed that Netflix was offering streaming content so I checked it out.  There’s a butt load of Movies, Tv Shows and Documentary’s on there “On Demand” and it’s free.  So you get to watch these titles over the internet and the rest in the mail.  You’re allowed to watch up to 8 hours of streaming content per day.  And there’s no additional charge, it’s part of your Netflix subscription.

So between Netflix, Hulu and the TV Network Sites there’s enough crap to watch right there that I would never really need cable.  But then there’s the sports.  I would be missing the Phillies, Flyers and Sixers games.  Though I could purchase an online subscription for MLB, NBA and NHL.

All in all I watch more content over the internet than I do on regular TV and I have a feeling a lot of other people are too.  I use an S-Video cord from my laptop to my TV and voila, it’s an internet TV.

Suck on that cable companies. Suck it hard.

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