Swine Flu Redux

It's Science
It's Science

By: Billy BeerSlugger

Oh, you thought that shit was dead? Think again.  This H1N1 Flu strain is here to stay people and the media is going to whore the shit out of it to keep you watching and reading the news. Apparently half of the United States is going to have it at some point this cold and flu season. Teachers are told to take extra precautions in cleaning and kids hand sanitizing. I’m sure you’ll see a newscast about “What You Can Do To Avoid Swine Flu” and or the effects of Swine Flu when you do get it because… IT’S INEVITABLE!!!!!

The CDC gives out weekly updates and I can’t go a day without seeing H1N1 on my iGoogle page with my newsfeeds. Don’t say I didn’t warn you because this thing is going to make a comeback bigger than Robert Downey Jr.’s. Be prepared to be scared and please by all means believe everything you hear on the news! Those fuckers are infallible.

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  1. Can we please stop with this bullshit. The media just a few weeks ago admitted that the swine flu outbreak was NOT as bad as had been reported. Something like 1800 dead (regrettably) WORLDWIDE! Not 1800 in my city or my state, that’s for the world during the duration of the outbreak. Secondly (actually primarily) this disease is the supposed combination of 1 bird flu 2 pig flu and 3 human flu. How was it that 3 flu’s from 3 different animal species combined into one super flu naturally. Or to put it another more accurate way: without laboratory involvement? I feel sorry for all those who were terrorized by the media into taking those shots. Those that gave it to their kids should be charged with child abuse. In my state certain occupations were mandated to take those shots and only a small nurses union’s legal challenge stopped that. People in this country really need to check their imfo before going off half cocked and charging ahead at every perceived threat. When the CDC (no less) stated that this is a combo of bird pig and human flu, we should have none this was propaganda and searched for the real motive to inject our nation with whatever is in that vaccine. Apparently somebody wants whatever is in that vaccine in our bodies.

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