Samuel Smith Oatmeal Stout

231427By: Billy BeerSlugger

Originally a drink for lactating mothers, oatmeal stout was described as nutritional on early labels. Oats are in the same family as barley, and a small addition yields great flavor. Popular in the late 1800’s, the last oatmeal stout was brewed before the First World War until Samuel Smith reintroduced this style in 1980.

Easily one of my favorite stouts but a little higher on the alcohol at 5% ABV.  Not sure it’s worth the price around my parts though.  Got a case last week for $58.  Though I have no problem having a couple at the bar.

Overall goes on to prove the point to myself that the English know how to brew great ale’s and stouts.

Try pairing one with:

Pizza and salad, Italian foods, steamed clams, grilled ahi tuna, lobster with drawn butter, steak, eggs Florentine.

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