Partying With Celebrities

snookiBy: Billy BeerSlugger

I get at least a couple emails every week from or some other social alerting service where they allude to a party taking place at a venue which has booked a “celebrity” as the host. “Come Party with Audrina Patridge from the Hills in Atlantic City” or my personal favorite of the last year, Snooki of MTV’s Jersey Shore hosts Fat Tuesday at Bootleggers. The personal favorite being that Bootleggers is about 5 minutes from my parents house and not exactly known for it’s high quality clientele, trust me I know.

Anyway, the point being that bars and clubs hire these “celebrities” to come say a few words at the start and end of the night, hang out and drink in a VIP section and maybe spin a couple CD’s or look like they’re partying in a DJ booth. You generally do not get to talk or interact with the “celebrities” hosting these parties. Maybe if you are a good enough looking group of girls you can get into the VIP area and talk to a psedo-celebrity like “The Situation” but someone might have to blow a bouncer first.

It’s amazing to me that teeny boppers and early 20’s guys and girls will pay upwards of $20 to get into a place which holds a member of a TV show they happen to like and not get in 30 yards of that celebrity and that just gets you in the door. You know the venue is jacking up prices on drinks too so be prepared for $9 beer night. Plus, what would you even say to these “celebrities” if you did get the chance to actually meet them? “Snooki I thought it was terrible when that dude punched you in the face!”, like she hasn’t heard that about a billion times. “Lo Bosworth from The Hills I can’t believe so and so did this to you on the show!”, all the while the celebrity is thinking it wasn’t actually real but just in the script. They aren’t concerts, it’s not some sort of thespian performance it’s just a reality TV show participant drinking the same watered down liquor you are only they’re getting paid to be there. If you enjoy watching celebrities from afar and wasting money I would highly suggest participating in one of these types of events.

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