Microbrews – Casco Bay Riptide Red Ale

Casco Bay Riptide Red Ale
Casco Bay Riptide Red Ale

While being involved in the beer of the month club for several years, we encountered a beer that was so delicious and easy drinking that we decided not to keep it to ourselves.

Directly from their website:

Riptide Red Ale
Our flagship, this Irish-Style Red Ale proudly won a gold medal at the 2000 World Beer Cup. A combination of 5 different malts and 3 hop varietals, carefully blended, results in a perfect balance. Full-flavored and medium-bodied, the Riptide Red provides surprising complexity for such an easy-drinking brew. The Riptide Red has an original gravity of 1.056 and a 5.4% ABV.

There were a couple of other beers from Casco Bay mixed in along with the Riptide Red Ale with the beer of the month delivery.  However, the Riptide Red Ale was clearly the best.

The beer only seems to be distributed in the Northeast. So this might be one of those once a year, birthday type cases because of the difficulty in acquiring it.

Truly worth the Effort!

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