Dawes, “When My Time Comes”

By: Robby Ripchord

I watch the show Hung on HBO as it keeps my attention for the half hour, makes me laugh from time to time and obviously there’s naked women here and there, I mean the show is about a male prostitute.

I don’t usually write about TV shows or pop culture but the Season 2 finale was capped in the ending credits by a song I had swore I heard before live. Back in June I had gone to the Trocadero to see a Blitzen Trapper on a whim after listening to a couple of their songs on Lala.com before Apple bought and killed it. As it turned out The Moondoggies opened up for Blitzen Trapper and I happened to like them a whole lot better.

So now I was trying to connect the dots all last night on where I had heard the song on the ending credits and did a little research. It turns out that it was a band called Dawes and they have a bunch of tour dates with the Moondoggies coming up. I am about 90% sure that The Moondoggies performed the song, possibly with the lead singer of Dawes that night. Or maybe I was just really stoned and Dawes was actually there and performed and didn’t receive any billing. Who knows, all I know is I liked the song and I heard it live before I heard it on Hung.

Pretty cool videos from Dawes. Check out all 3 bands.

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