Obama… No Problema?

It's only a couple Billion....

By: William J. BeerSlugger

You know I’m really tired of a lot of things going on right now in this Country.  The fact that we have a new President who doesn’t fumble over words written on a teleprompter and who happens to be black does not make him  infallible.  Just because the current administration is proposing Cash for Clunkers or Universal Healthcare does not mean you have to believe blindly in it just because you voted for him. I voted for him and I don’t necessarily agree with everything that’s going on.

I agree Obama should be given a chance to prove himself and I am anxious to the the outcome of some of his endeavors.  However, just because I do not agree with some of the policy’s proposed by the Obama administration does not make me a right wing supporter or a racist or not caring for the well being  of the uninsured.  It just makes me have (I’d like to think) informed opinions which can and have changed with better and better information and opinions I hear from both sides of the issues.

I don’t believe that all people who oppose the war(s) are left leaning, freedom hating socialists so I don’t appreciate being painted that way…. (yes you girl at the bar I was having a conversation with last weekend but was disinterested after we started discussing Obama).

It seems to me that it is very “Taboo” to criticize the President or his administration’s actions in the media or public discussion.  This is due (in my opinion) principally to his relatively short term in office so far but also some of it is race related whether we want to acknowledge it or not. It seems to me that there is an overwhelming want from the general public and media for Obama to succeed and not be ridiculed because of his race (which is ironically half Caucasian).

I do not want the current President to be held up to a higher or lower standard because of race or any other factor.  The President is the President, regardless of sex, race, religion or sexual orientation.  Yes since this countries inception the President has been a white male but that doesn’t mean that we don’t hold the first black President’s feet to the fire just as his predecessors were.  That doesn’t mean the public should rubber stamp every policy the Obama Administration suggests without asking where the money will come from to finance it.  Basically, just because he’s black doesn’t mean we should stop asking questions (and I’m not talking birth certificates here).  I know a lot of people are crazy about him and believe he is some sort of political messiah that will deliver us from all bad but that’s a lot to ask from a 1 and a half term U.S. senator.

But maybe he is being treated fairly in the media and I’m just not watching those shows because I’m too interested in the Phillies right now, who knows.  All I know is I’m fed up with people blindly believing and not asking questions about “How” and “Why”.

I have see a couple of people criticize him in the media and I’ll list a couple here:

Bill Maher is a guy you wouldn’t think would take on the left but then again he did it with Clinton.

Jon Voight is one of the few celebrities I’ve seen talk in detail about where the country seems to be going.

Kieth Olberman, one of Obama’s media biggest admirer’s also took aim at Obama.

Anyway, not to get too political on you BeerSlugger’s out there, it just bugs me when someone believes in something blindly whether left or right leaning.  Get the (so called) facts and make informed and rational decisions. Of course this is America what the fuck am I talking about.

In closing America, stop drinking whatever flavor of Kool-Aid that’s being served and have a glass of water instead.

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